Each year we ask for your help! When you volunteer there is work involved. You are responsible for the well-being of your group as well as their whereabouts at all times during the show. You will be provided with a class list as well as costume information at the time of arrival.
1. Responsible for keeping the class together and tend to any problems that may arise during the time backstage.
2. Helping the dancers to the washroom and with fixing their costumes if needed.
3. Communicating with the coordinators any concerns or questions that might arise during the performance.
The volunteer will be required to be there 15 minutes before students are dropped off. If you are late – no student in your class can be signed in. We will also need parent volunteers to stay with their class until each and every child from your class has been picked up.
Unfortunately, due to quick changes, we are unable to have male volunteers backstage – Sorry Dads!

Recital Volunteer Form Volunteer Video

Back Stage is a “No Stuff” Zone

We have had a very big problem in the past with keeping track of everyone’s belongings during the shows. With so many children being backstage it has been very difficult for our volunteers to keep track of everyone’s belongings and have had to deal with upset parents at the end of the shows because they can’t find their child’s belongings. We have tried many different methods over the past years to try to remedy this situation. Unfortunately, nothing seems to help. The easiest way to avoid lost items is instituting a “no stuff” zone. We are asking you to please keep all of your child’s belongings with you and to not send anything with your child backstage. Before your child enters the backstage area we will ask that you put their dance shoes on and then take their coats and outside shoes with you. There will be plenty of activities to keep them busy backstage and water provided so they will not need to bring anything else with them.

We kindly ask that you feed your child before the recital. We thank you in advance for your corporation on this matter!

Drop Off Point

As you enter the main doors of The Boyce Theatre you will be directed by a staff member to the backstage area. At this point, we ask that your child be ready to enter backstage (dance shoes on and ready to go!). They will be checked in by a Summit Staff member. This is the point that you will leave your child with us.

Parents, please note: You will not be allowed to go backstage during the show. If your child will need you at any point during the show, please volunteer!

Ticket Purchase

Silver Package
Starting on May 1, 2018, you can purchase recital tickets. Tickets are $25.00 each.

Please note: Tickets sell out! Please do not wait to purchase your additional tickets as we are unable to change theatre capacity. Please understand that there are only so many seats available per show and once these tickets are sold out – they are sold out. Tickets can be purchased ONLINE ONLY using the link below.

Tickets sales will be closed 24 hours before the show (should there be any left). If available you can purchase at the door for $30.00 per ticket. Please understand these will not be assigned and you will be unable to sit next to your other assigned tickets.

Tickets for the recital are non-refundable and will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Buy 2018 Recital Tickets


Gold Package

Priority seat selection and purchase of additional tickets will begin on April 28, 2018. Please keep an eye on your email account on file. Your “secret link” for priority seat selection along with your 2 ticket discount code will be emailed to you before this date.

Each student on the gold package will receive a code to deduct the cost of 2 tickets upon checkout. Families are welcome to purchase additional tickets. Please select the total number of tickets you require, select where you would like to sit on the seating chart, and upon checkout input your discount code. This code will deduct the cost of the 2 tickets included in your gold package. Additional tickets are $25.00 each.

Please note: Tickets sell out! Please do not wait to purchase your additional tickets as we are unable to change theatre capacity. Please understand that there are only so many seats available per show and once these tickets are sold out – they are sold out. Tickets can be purchased ONLINE ONLY at www.onstagedirect.com/summit

Tickets sales will be closed 24 hours before the show (should there be any left). If available you can purchase at the door for $30.00 per ticket. Please understand these will not be assigned and you will be unable to sit next to your other assigned tickets.

Tickets for the recital are non-refundable and will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Recording Equipment

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO RECORDING DEVICES allowed into the theatre for the recital. We understand that other studios charge between $50 – $150 per recording and this is something that is not realistic for most families. Instead, we have worked very hard to be able to provide a recording to you for just $30+gst (included for families on the gold package). PLEASE BE FOREWARNED if you are seen entering the theatre with any of the above devices you will be asked to return them to your vehicle.

Why is parent recording not allowed?

1. You are viewing your child in COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL.
2. It can interfere with our technical equipment to run the show.
3. These devices are extremely distracting to the dancers as well as the people sitting around you. This is a safety concern for students. As you can imagine, for students who are already nervous, having numerous people video recording in the audience (flash from recording equipment causing blind spots) is extremely inappropriate and unfair.
4. Other studios, professional ballets and performances do not allow recording for the reasons above.

If you are on the gold package you will be provided your recording as included in your fees. These will be sent to you over the summer. Please keep your active email on file to ensure you receive information on this in July.

If you are in the silver package you can purchase the recording for 30+gst.

Purchase the Recital Video

2018 Summit Dance Recital!

Recital Location

This year’s Dance recital will be taking place at The Boyce Theatre Stampede Park. The Boyce Theatre is located at Stampede Park, adjacent to the Corral.

Address: The Boyce Theatre – 1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2W1

Parking: Parking is available at Stampede Park, and also just across Macleod Trail in city lots. Please note that you will have to pay for parking.

Transit: The C-Train stops right at Stampede Park. Make sure to get off at the Victoria Park/Stampede station.

Contact: Please note that our staff will be at the venue the day of the event and unable to answer phone questions. Please contact our office a head of time to ensure any questions or concerns are addressed before the big day.

Dance Recital 2018 Day/Time

Saturday, June 16, 2018

12:15 PM All dancers must arrive at the theatre and get checked in backstage.

12:30 PM Doors will be open to the theatre upon arrival for you and your family to take a seat and relax while we prepare for the show.

1:00 PM Showtime!


Hair for the recital will be a bun with no bangs for ALL classes. If your child does not have hair long enough to be put into a bun just use their natural style. We would be happy to assist you if you are unfamiliar with making a bun. We also have bun makers available at the studio – there are also plenty of great youtube video tutorials if you need help on recital day!

Bun Maker Order Form

Dance Costumes

Dance costumes will be handed out to students over the next few weeks! We are so excited.

No Panties: We do not wear our panties under our costume and tights, even to our weekly classes. Our tights are made especially for us so that we do not have to, as our tights are our underwear. This is why our dance tights are designed differently and may cost slightly more than a typical pair of nylons. If your child has been wearing their panties to class start practicing now so that this will become the norm.

Bras: If you are wearing a bra under your costume please make sure that it is NUDE. * If we see coloured bras under costumes we will ask you to remove them!* Please pin bra straps to your costume or get nude/clear coloured straps.

Tights: Please take note of the required tights for your class. Students on the gold package will receive the necessary tights for the recital, as included in your package fees. These will be inside of your garment bag. If you are not on the gold package you will have the opportunity to order your recital tights through Summit for $15+Gst, the tight order cutoff date is May 10. If you are purchasing tights on your own, please note that Bodythings typically sells the required tights for $18 – $26+gst range. Tights may not be the same color/style that are worn to your weekly class. It is expected that students purchase and wear a brand new pair of tights to the recital. Wearing ripped tights to a performance is not acceptable or fair to other dancers/classmates. This is a very special day and we do not want students feeling upset that they have ripped tights for their special performance.

Tight Order Form


Your child must be in the proper footwear for their class.

Jazz Classes: Black slip on jazz oxfords
Hip Hop: Jazz sneakers (required class shoes)
Angelina Ballerina: Pink Ballet slippers
Preschool Classes: Black Tap Shoes
Ballet: Pink Ballet slippers
Tap: Black tap shoes

Recital Quick Changes

If your child is participating in more than one number (if they are in more than one class) please provide them with a plastic tote (Rubbermaid container) with a lid. Please write or tape their name onto the front and side of the container. This will be for all of their “stuff”. We have found in the past that costumes, tights, shoes etc. are getting lost in the quick change shuffle. If we all have our own tote then all of our things will stay in our box. This will also keep backstage a little more organized. As well it is very helpful for your child to have a NUDE bodysuit if they are doing quick changes to ensure they are able to get changed comfortably.

Makeup Kits

Your exclusive kit will contain eye/lip primer, eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick in True Red.

All of our products are: Made in Canada, Fragrance-free, Hypoallergenic, Non-comedogenic, Allergy tested

All of our formulas are specifically designed for the stage. This means that all colours are very intense and made for stage lighting. We want to make sure that you can see your child’s face from the audience! Makeup really does make a difference!

We do recommend makeup for all ages, including our young dancers. Please remember that adult performers do not wear makeup “just because”. They wear stage makeup so that the audience can see their face on stage. For the same reason that adults wear makeup on stage, we recommend children to do the same – so that you can see their face on stage.

Makeup kits are priced at $30+gst

Recital Makeup Video Makeup Kit Order Form


We do provide flowers for purchase the day of the recital for your convenience should you want to buy your dancer a flower for their special performance.


We understand that you would like the opportunity to have class and individual pictures of your child in their year-end recital costume. We have brought in photographers in the past but they have had a hard time with pricing. The cost for a basic photography package is typically far beyond the price that families are realistically willing to spend. Due to this, we have only had a handful of families purchase photos and therefore the photographers are not interested in coming back. To ensure that we are fair to the photographers, but provide a solution that is cost-effective for families, we have provided a week of classes that are designed specifically for your family to attend our dress rehearsal and take as many photos as you would like of the students both individually and as a group.

Class and individual pictures will be taking place during our dress rehearsal week. More information will be available as we get closer to this date. This will be during the final weeks of classes. Students should attend class in their costumes, tights and correct shoes. Hair and makeup should be natural as determined by the dancer for their photos. We do not suggest wearing stage makeup to photo week as the makeup is designed for the stage lights and may be over powering for photos. This is a great time for students to practice getting ready for recital, parents too! Please use this week to work out any questions or concerns you may have to ensure the recital day is relaxed and runs smoothly.

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