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Understanding Dance Education

Here at Summit, we want to make sure all students have a great dance experience. The journey and meaning of dance is unique and individual for all students. It is important to remember that each and every student will learn differently and at a different pace, regardless if they have the same instructor and training. Students should never compare themselves to others. Each of us is unique and different in every way, including our body, mind, and past experiences; this is what makes us truly special!


Students should expect to practice outside of class time to ensure they are gaining confidence in the skills they learn in class each week. As a student practices and progresses it’s important to recognize and encourage their progression whether faster or slower than their classmates. Our goal as a dancer is to take our current level and improve upon that! Please remember, as the parent, to encourage your student’s progress in competition with their past self with the goal of progressing further than they did last class. Please do not compare your child to other students.


Dance class is more than just learning steps. Not all dancers will become professional dancers. Beyond the physical health benefits of dancing, students will also: gain self-confidence, improve social skills, learn to express their emotions through a proactive outlet, learn to work as a team, and reduce stress (among many other benefits!). As in other activities, a student may decide to pursue a recreational approach to the activity or a competitive approach. Either route is fantastic! Dance means something different to everyone and we are here to provide safe, quality classes for all students.


Placement and recommendations for classes come from long, thoughtful contemplation. Our staff track student progress, skills attained, and emotional response to challenges given. We seek to learn not only the physical strengths of the child but also their emotional growth and achievements to ensure they are placed in the best class genres as well as levels. We appreciate you trusting our professional judgment and are always happy to chat about any questions you may have.

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