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Summit School of Dance & Music has been chosen as a Favourite in the 2017 Metro Community Choice Awards – Best Dance Studio category!

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What Our Parents Have To Say About Summit

We had so much fun at the recital today!

You guys put on a great show.

We had been holding off on signing our daughter up for classes next year to see how some other activities went for her over the summer. But she was so proud of herself today after the recital that there is no way we can’t put her back into it!

Thanks again!

Noble Family

The teachers are passionate…

We’ve danced in a couple of places in Calgary and found Summit School of Dance to be the overall most satisfying experience. The teachers are passionate and professional, and unlike other schools, the fact that our daughter isn’t a perfect ballerina body type has never been an issue. We like that they reinforce positive body image and don’t make her feel like there are classes she can’t do because she’s not “the type”. It would be nice if they had their recitals closer to where we live, but I am sure getting a space large enough in the city to hold everyone at once isn’t as easy as picking up the phone. It can be a little pricey, but we have a son in hockey and it doesn’t even come close to touching that so we don’t complain too much about price.

March Family

Summit is so committed to teaching…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Summit School of Dance and Music. My daughter is a very shy and quiet girl and with the continued positive role modelling from the teachers at Summit it has brought her out of her shell. Her grades have improved as well as her confidence, her teacher at school commented and said whatever we were doing to continue it.. I also love the fact Summit is so committed to teaching dance technique and not just interested in teaching cool moves. Children who dance should have structure as well as strength in the art and not just learn routines Summit does this with pride so thank you all at Summit.

Watterston Family

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SE Calgary Dance & Music Classes

Welcome to Summit School of Dance and Music!


Welcome to Summit School of Dance and Music!We teach students of all ages from 1.5 years old through adults. Whether you are just starting out in music or dance lessons or are a competitive student we have a spot for you! Our approachable talented teachers believe that everyone can dance, sing or play!

Our Calgary dance and music studio is conveniently located in the SE community of Copperfield serving the communities of New Brighton, Mckenzie Towne, Mahogany, Cranston, Auburn Bay, Prestwick and surrounding area.

Did you know that we offer private music lessons, theatre classes and 10-week sessions?

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