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Check out everything we offer for Dance classes!

Our goal at Summit School of Dance and Music is to create a positive and happy experience for all of our students! 

Our dance instructors strive to nurture and develop talent, celebrate achievements and inspire a love and appreciation for all styles of dance.

With a variety of dance styles and learning levels, we encourage all students to express themselves.

Here are the dance classes we offer at Summit School of Dance and Music:

Ballet Classes

Our Ballet classes are available for students ages 5-18 and are composed of the CDTA (Canadian Dance Teachers Association) syllabus.

Ballet is a great fundamental dance form as it helps build technique, strength and grace.

We offer various Ballet classes to accommodate age groups and skill levels.

Jazz Dance

We also use the CDTA syllabus for our Jazz classes, which are available for students ages 5-18.

These fast-paced lessons include warm-ups, progressions across the floor, barre work, stretching and combinations.

Classes are organized by age group.

Tap Dance

When it comes to our Tap lessons, we combine the CDTA syllabus with the Stepping Tones (Al Gilbert) syllabus to provide instruction to students aged 5-16.

Classes include barre work, center floor and progressions as well as learning the rhythms and musicality associated with tap techniques.

Tap classes are divided according to age group.

Hip-Hop Dance

For students ages 4-18, Hip-Hop dance classes teach an exciting combination of jazz techniques and the street or club moves often seen in music videos!

Classes are divided according to age range.

Preschool Dance

Have a little one interested in learning how to dance? For ages 3-5, we offer a 45-minute class that incorporates tap, ballet and some creative work.

It’s a great introductory class that gives small children a broad exposure to various dance styles.

Acro Dance

For children aged 5 and up, our Acro Dance classes teach a combination of classical dance techniques with precision acrobatic elements. It is a popular dance style in amateur competitive dance as well as professional dance theater and contemporary circus productions.

Acro Dance is defined by its athletic character, unique choreography and use of acrobatic in a dance context.

Our Acro Dance classes are divided into two age groups: Junior Acro and Senior Acro.

Contemporary Dance

For dancers aged 8-18, Contemporary dance teaches combinations that incorporate control, balance and flexibility.

This class aims to strengthen and improve a dancer’s understanding of different emotions as well as interpretations of music and lyrics.

At least one year of Jazz or Ballet is required to take this program.

Musical Theatre Dance

Our Musical Theatre classes, available for ages 8 and up, incorporates basic Jazz with singing, acting and dancing.

This fun class brings all aspects of performing together!

These classes are available to Junior and Senior dancers, although the Jazz program is highly recommended to accompany this class.

Parent & Tot

Our Parent & Tot classes are available for children ages 1.5-2.5 years along with a caregiver.

This is a delightful little class that allows your budding dancer to shine and express themselves through theme-based monthly modules. These classes will help your child learn the basic steps of ballet as well as explore their creativity using their imaginations and a variety of dancing props!

This is a great class for smaller children to introduce them to the studio setting.

Competitive Dance

Competitive Dance is available for dancers aged 5 and up. Please contact us for more information about our competitive and performance team!

Ready to Dance?

If you are interested in having your child join our dance classes, why wait? Get in touch with us today to explore your options and enroll them in the class that is best suited to them!

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