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Music Lessons

Here at Summit School of Dance and Music, our focus is on teaching by providing the highest quality of music instruction.

Our instructors are highly qualified and many have extensive performance experience. They strive to relate their teaching methods to each individual student’s learning style.

Although we do offer group activities for younger learners, our private lessons ensure that students have the undivided attention of their teacher and can progress at a level suited uniquely to them.

Here are the music programs we offer at Summit School of Dance and Music:

Private Piano Lessons

Our school offers piano lessons for students of all ages and abilities from beginners to advanced students. The styles we offer include everything from classical to jazz and pop!

Piano lessons start from age 5 and up. If you’re interested in having your little one under the age of 5 learn to play piano, we suggest signing them up for our preschool music group.

So whether you are looking to play for fun, or are serious about excelling at exams and competitions, our private piano lessons provide everything you need to get started.

Private Voice Lessons

Our private one-on-one voice lessons instruct students of all ages on how to sing all kinds of music, from their favorite artists to classical arias.

Learning how to singing involves more than just singing – our instructors teach our students how to breathe properly, increase their range, achieve perfect pitch, project their voice and develop a stage presence.

Along with lessons, Summit School of Dance and Music offers an optional performance opportunity each year including a Christmas recital and summer recital as well as local festivals.

Private Guitar Lessons

Students of all ages are welcome to join our private guitar lessons and learn acoustic, electric or bass guitar. If it can be played on a guitar, we can teach it – rock, jazz, metal, classical, pop, Spanish, etc.

Our lessons will expose students to performing solo as well as jamming with other musicians in a rock band setting.

The recommending age for beginning guitar lessons is around 8 years old due to their hand size. However, younger students can start with a junior-sized guitar.

Kindergarten Music

Our kindergarten music program is a fun and exciting group music class for children ages 5-6. It is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of music including movement and music, learning to sing, rhythm and melody.

Kindergarten music will introduce your young child to concepts such as the treble clef, bass clef, half note, whole note, etc. using fun games and instruments!

Our kindergarten music group is a great choice when preparing young students for future music lessons.

Preschool Music

Our preschool music group is a fun and engaging music class aimed at children ages 3-5 years old. The group curriculum is similar to our kindergarten group but gears the activities more toward children of a younger age.

The same basic fundamentals of music are taught, however, including movement and music, making music with percussion instruments and recognition of orchestral instruments.

Activities include the use of rhythm sticks, triangles, shakers, hand drums and much more!

Like the kindergarten group, this group is a great precursor to taking private instrument lessons in the future.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, it’s never too late to get started with music lessons!

If you are interested in learning more about our music programs, feel free to contact us today.

We may be NEW to you but we have been around since 2002!