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Studio Policies

Registration: A registration fee of $40 per child is required yearly at the time of registration. This applies to all programs at Summit including; dance, music and sessional programs. Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Tuition: Tuition payments are due on the 25th of every month and must be paid by CREDIT CARD. Tuition payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Tuition covers a guaranteed 30 weekly classes per year which are scheduled between (September – June). Your tuition payments will be the same every month and do not change. Classes are not on a per-class per month basis. Payments will, therefore, be made over 10 installment payments which will contribute to pay for the cost of 30 classes which are divided across September – June. If we are closed for a holiday on our event calendar please remember that this has already been taken into account in your tuition payment as a week outside of the 30 lessons you have paid for and will receive. Any student starting after the listed start date will have their first month’s payment prorated and will only pay for the number of classes that are remaining in the year. Sessional Programs are paid a one-time fee for the entire session, listed as the tuition price.

Fees upon registration: Upon registration, you will be charged the following: a $40 registration fee and 1-month tuition payment. If you are in a sessional class your full payment amount will be charged upon registration. If you are in Angelina Ballerina you will be charged for the mandatory bodysuit with attached Skirt and Ears $50+gst.

Year-End Dance Recital Costume fees: Fees will be charged to your account on NOVEMBER 15: Preschool/Angelina Ballerina/Funky Feet – $85.00+gst, opal level – $95.00+gst, Ruby & Onyx Levels – $105.00+gst. If you have registered after November 15, the year-end recital costume fee will be charged to your account on MARCH 15. If you withdraw for any reason during the year, you will be contacted in June to pick up your recital costume. Year-end recital costumes are non-refundable.

Silver Package for Dance: A mandatory fee for dance recital tights will be charged on March 15 for $22+gst for any student participating in the recital. Any additional fees for the recital such as tickets and optional video recording will be the responsibility of the parent.

Music extras: There will be additional fees required to obtain lesson books. There will be additional fees for the recital tickets and optional video recording.

Declined Payments: A $30 fee will be added to any account for the following reasons: expired credit cards, returned payments and NSF. ALL OF THESE REASONS WILL BE CHARGED AN EXTRA $30.00 DECLINED PAYMENT FEE. This fee is charged back to us from our banking institution for all of the above reasons which in turn is passed onto you.  The following steps will be taken when dealing with NSF’s.1. $30.00 fee will automatically be added to the account, 2. The fee will go up to $50.00 if we have not heard from you by the 30th of that month. 3. The child will be pulled from classes if no contact has been made by the 5th of the following month.

Class Times and Start Dates: Summit School of Dance and Music reserves the right to change class times, days, and teachers. These changes are due to the fact that we cannot guarantee enrolment. Every effort will be made to keep classes on the same day. Please note if changes are required you will be given a minimum of 1 week’s notice. Every effort is made to keep classes on the same day. There is a minimum of 5 students required to run any group program at Summit. Summit will offer an alternative age-appropriate program and/or private lessons and/or the start date of classes will be pushed up to 1 month until we are able to provide the same day and time of a class.

COVID 19 – Summit will be strictly following the protocols set out by AHS and the Alberta Government and has the right to switch between online and in-person learning. Every effort will be made to keep classes on the same day and time.

Dance Examinations: All students (ages 5+) registered in jazz, ballet or tap class will be invited to participate in an examination with their class. This is such a worthwhile experience and we are so pleased to offer this to you. We ensure our students are well prepared for the examination process and there is no need to feel overwhelmed by the word “exam”. This is a wonderful opportunity for each student to receive feedback from another professional. All exam material is taught in class. Upon completion of the examination, each student will receive an individual adjudication sheet as well as a certificate of completion or a medal, depending on the grade being studied. If you are choosing not to participate in examinations this must be provided in writing prior to November 15 by emailing dance@summitschoolofdance.com indicating you are opt-outing of dance examinations. Exam fees (if applicable) will be charged on November 15 – $40.00 per exam.

Withdrawal: Withdrawal will only be accepted on the following two dates October 15 and February 1. All withdrawals must complete a withdrawal form. You can request a withdrawal form by emailing dance@summitschoolofdance.com. We do not take withdrawals from sessional programs. If you decide to withdraw from the studio your Year-End Recital Costume, as well as attire, are non-refundable. If you withdraw from the studio you will be contacted in June to pick up your recital costume. You will receive the correct size costume that you have ordered but it may not be the same as the costume originally pictured.

Dance Class Dress Code: Each class has a specific dress code (excluding our sessional programs: tiny toes). It is the responsibility of the student/parent to obtain and adhere to the correct dress requirements throughout the year. The studio may offer to order the items on your behalf but these items will be a final sale – non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. Orders can take between 2 – 4 weeks to arrive. Students waiting for dance attire to arrive should wear comfy clothing, indoor shoes, bare feet or grip socks. Jeans are not permitted in any movement class.

Parent Code of Ethics: All Summit staff, students and their parents are to be treated with respect. Families must refer to their instructor as Ms. or Mr. and the instructor’s first name. Any rude or malicious communication whether via email, phone or in person will not be tolerated. We want to ensure all questions, concerns, and suggestions are properly addressed and would be happy to discuss all of the above in a calm respectful manner. Due to our open-door policy and encouragement for open discussion in a respectful manner, no criticism or negativity towards our staff, the studio or other families whether in person, online or otherwise will be tolerated. Failure to provide a respectful studio environment may result in removal from the program.

Absences: Irregular attendance can negatively impact students’ progress and regular attendance is encouraged. No compensation is provided for missed lessons. Private lessons will receive emailed access to a recorded lesson from their student’s teacher. No missed lessons will receive in-person make-up lessons.

Studio Correspondence: I agree to take responsibility to ensure all correspondence sent out by the studio is received. I understand that I will not be refunded for changes that occur to my account due to missing a deadline. I understand that the studio is a “paperless” office and all information can be found on the customer portal, events calendar on the Summit website, reminders on the summit app or through the email address you have provided.

Correspondence is sent out and can be found in the following places:

Customer Portal on the home page of www.summitschoolofdance.com.

An email will be sent to the address we have on file. It is your responsibility to keep this email address updated. If you would like to change this email address or anything else on your account, please visit the Customer Portal on the home page of www.summitschoolofdance.com.

All studio closures and upcoming events are listed on the studio calendar which is located on the home page of www.summitschoolofdance.com.

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It's Not Too Late To Register!
TEXT us (587) 742-0159

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